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  • It's quick, it's easy and it's FREE
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  • Protect your family
  • Cover from the UK's top insurers
  • Strictly no obligation
  • Cover starts from just 23p per day*

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need life insurance?

Life Insurance can be a good way to ensure that your family don't have to worry about bills, if the worst was to happen to you. With the right policy, you can provide coverage to pay off your mortgage, whilst still leaving a lump sum to help protect their future.

Why should I choose Life Cover Protect?

With a service such as Life Cover Protect, you can explore the Life Insurance options available to you. This can be a tricky thing to do, if you don't know which questions to ask, or even who to ask! Life Cover Protect works with advisers who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be assured of getting what you need, from a trustworthy provider.

How much does the Life Cover Protect service cost?

Zero. Nada. Zilch. Not a dicky bird. The Life Cover Protect service is absolutely free for you to use. You will only incur costs if you agree to proceed with a policy from one of our FCA trusted partners. All of the advisers are legally obliged to explain to you any fees you may incur BEFORE you commit, and there is no obligation to pay until you sign on the dotted line. Ready to find out more? Just complete our short form to get underway.

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